Projectiles, Ammo, Powder etc for Sale


To ease my relocation and get some spondulicks coming in while I’m not working I’ll be selling my excess reloading components, ammo etc at fair pricing.

Photos of almost everything for sale can be found here. I’ll be adding more photos as I list more stuff for sale. Detailed list follows.

Currently unsold items.
The pricing for reloading components will generally be retail less 10% if not stated, and of course you avoid any shipping costs of ordering elsewhere:

– Savage 17HMR bolt action rifle (info/photos to come) $TBD
– Walther P99 QA 9mm pistol (5 mags, holster, info/photos to come) $TBD
– GSG 1911 .22LR pistol (threaded for suppressor, two mags, info/photos to come) $TBD
– Stoeger 2000 semi-automatic shotgun (4 shot, info/photos to come) $500
– ATA Arms over/under shotgun (info/photos to come) $TBD

– 4×25 scope (info/photos to come)
– Tasco Pro-Point Red Dot (info/photos to come)
– Weaver 6-20x scope with ultrafine crosshair with centre dot reticule (info/photos to come)
– 3-9x basic hunter scope (info/photos to come)

– 18 x PMC .308 150gr SP hunting ammo ($1/round)
– 25 x Highland .308 150gr SP hunting ammo ($1/round)
– 300 x KHF FMJ 7.62×51 NATO FMJ ammo ($70/100)

– several thousand 38/357 Rusa CMJ FP projectiles ($75 per 500, $150 per 1000, normally $175 per 1000 from Bill)
– lots of cast 38/357 projectiles (not from RUSA) if they are of interest, which I use for Cowboy Action.

– 125 x Sierra #2110 .30 cal 110gr HP projectiles ($TBD)
– 79 x Hornady SST.30 cal 150gr projectiles ($TBD)
– 137 x Sierra #2200 .30 cal 168gr HPBT match projectiles ($TBD)

– 90 x Nosler .224 cal 69gr HPBT projectiles ($TBD)
– 81 x Hornady .224 cal 68 gr BTHP projectiles ($TBD)
– 80 x Hornady .224 cal 75 gr BTHP projectiles ($TBD)
– 100 x Hornady #2266 .224 cal 55gr SP projectiles ($TBD)
– 950 x Rusa Cast .224 cal 55gr FMJ projectiles (plinkers) ($TBD)
– 300 x Sierra #1410 .224 cal 52gr HPBT projectiles ($TBD)
– 51 x Sierra #9377T .224cal 77gr HPBT match projectiles ($TBD)

– 602 x Hornady 7.62×39 .310 FMJ projectiles ($80 per box of 200)

– 53 x Hornady .312 Interlock hunting projectiles (for .303 British) ($TBD)

Unopened powder:
– 1 x 500g ADI AS50N ($60 ea)
– 1 x 1kg ADI Benchmark 8208 ($120 ea)
– 2 x 500g ADI Benchmark 1 ($60 ea)

Opened (but well stored) powder (will be sold proportional rate):
– 425g ADI Benchmark 1 ($50)
– 225g Winchester 231 ($25)
– 225g ADI AS-30N ($25)
– 350g Reloader 15 ($60)

Please contact me at or 022 643 8404.


Ranges reopening Thursday 14th May

Our ranges will be reopening this Thursday under COVID Alert Level 2. 

Our esteemed president Mike will be setting up hand cleaner at various stations on the range, please use after handling anything that you didn’t bring out with you, eg. the flag, gates, clubhouse padlock and door handle, signing the range book, club stapler, targets and target stands etc.

In the range book we will require additional information for Contact Tracing, so there will be columns for capturing name, date/time in/out, and a contact phone number.  The pages will be removed regularly from the range book and dropped in to the Secretary.

Please maintain 2m distance from other shooters and avoid sharing equipment with shooters outside your bubble.

For rifle shooters, if all three shooting benches are in use please arrange to come back at a later time.  Pick a bench and stick with it, or shoot prone from a mat.

Feel free to bring out your own PPE and cleaning products if you would like an extra level of comfort.

Fiordland Firearms Club Notices (21/03/2020) COVID-19 Threat Level 2 – All Gun Club Events and Face-To-Face Monthly Meetings Cancelled

The PM has raised the threat level to level 2 after a jump in confirmed cases to 53 and the first cases of possible Community Transmission.

Threat level 2 generally entails:
– over 70’s staying home as much as possible
– cancel non-essential domestic travel
– reduce contact with others, keep at least 2 metres separation
– if you can work from home, do so

For your info, at level 3, business will be asked to close, and public venues will be closed.  At level 4, everyone to stay home with no contact with others, only supermarkets and pharmacies will be operating.

Given that advise we are cancelling all organised shoots and monthly general meetings for the foreseeable future.

At this stage you can continue to use the range as per normal during daylight hours seven days a week, we just won’t be bunching people together with organised shoots.

For future monthly meetings I will see if we can move this to an online video conference setup so you can dial in via your computer/tablet/phone as you prefer.

Stay safe and and don’t forget, its not toilet paper you need to hoard, it’s guns and ammo.  😉

Long Range Rifle Shoot 10th March Results

Well done to Mike S for 1st place on steel, pipping Greg H by a single point. Mike only missed 2 targets for the day, and they were the “easy” ones at 270 and 470 yards.

Special mention to S Reed who managed to hit the 570 yard target four out of five times with an AR-15 with military ball ammo while using scope hold over, and then proceeded to repeat this extraordinary performance twice on the 620 yard target. MVP!