Long Tan Shoot Sunday 2nd September at 1pm

We will be holding a 3 gun shoot on Sunday 2nd September at 1pm.

The theme is the battle of Long Tan during the Vietnam War, so bring along firearms that are consistent with the period such as:

  • SKS and AK47/Norinco 56S
  • M1 Carbine
  • AR15
  • SLR
  • M14/Norinco M305
  • 1911 and Browning High Power pistols
  • Pump shotguns like the Ithica 37/Remington 870/Winchester 1897

Full list here: Weapons of the Vietnam War

You get style points if you bring out an RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade launcher or M60 Machine Gun.

Proposed new rifle range near Invercargill

Greg Hudson at Custom Guns in Invercargill is canvassing interest in setting up a new long range rifle range near Invercargill.

Potential new rifle range in Southland!!!!!Seeking members for a new shooting club in Southland. Are you interested?

Posted by Custom Guns on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Original link here.

Long Range Rifle Shoot 1pm August 18th

We will be holding a long range rifle shoot Sunday 18th August at 1pm.

Same format as previous long range shoots with 5 shots on paper at 100 yards for tightest group, then 5 shots on steel at each of 270, 470, 570, and 610 yards.

More details here.

Pistol Shoot 22nd July / Long range shoots August & October

As the Gun Boot Sale and Gun Show falls on the day we would normally hold a pistol shoot, the pistol shoot has been postponed to Sunday 22nd July at 1pm.

In August we will be holding a Long Range shoot to give you a chance to get your rig dialled in for the main event. Date to be advised closer to the time.

The main event being the Mark Salmons Memorial Shoot. Fiordland Firearms Club vs Deerstalkers, which we’re planning to hold in October. More info to follow closer to the time.

FFC Multi-Gun Sunday 17th June at 1pm

Setup from 11am on our Lynwood Road range if you’d like to help us setup the prop walls and targets etc. Shooting from 1pm.

Multi-Gun consists of rifle, pistol and shotgun shot on the same stage.

You don’t need all the fancy gear to be able to come out and have some fun, if all you have are sporting shotguns and rifles, bring those out. We’ll setup something suitable.

There will also be gun sharing and club ammo for sale as required.

9th Annual Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot

The Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot will be held Sunday 4th March at 1pm.

Normal format, man-on-man with pistols on the 25 yard range to determine the trophy winner, followed by separate rifle and shotgun stages on the 50 and/or 100 yard ranges.

Gun sharing available and 9mm/.223/shotty club ammo for sale if you require any (no cash please, an invoice will be emailed to you for online banking payment only please).

Here are some photos from an earlier Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot:

  • Jack Richmond Trophy

8th Annual Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot

We will be holding the Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot on Sunday 26th February 2015, kicking off at 1pm.

Format will be as per earlier years with the Pistol Stage determining the trophy winner, followed by Rifle and Shotgun stages for fun.

Gun sharing will be available for those without suitable firearms.

Here are some photos from an earlier Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot:

  • Jack Richmond Trophy

ANZAC Shoot Sunday 24th April 2016

The club’s annual ANZAC shoot was held Sunday 24th April 2016, kicking off at 1pm.

Members brought along their WW II or earlier bolt action iron sighted military rifle and 20 rounds of ammo.

There was also a pistol stage for WW II or earlier iron sighted military pistols.

Here are some piccies from an earlier ANZAC shoot.