Membership Application Form

Applications to join the Fiordland Firearms Club can only be submitted via this online form. Paper forms are no longer accepted.

Compulsory fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Please ensure all of the above are acknowledged.
New applicants must be nominated by an existing member, or failing that a FireArms Licence Holder.
The club secretary will email this person regarding your application.
The club secretary may call this person to discuss your application.
Invoices, receipts, and reminders about meetings and shoots will be sent here
Reminders about meetings and shoots may be sent by text message.
Pistol Clubs, Rifle Clubs, NZAHAA, Deer Stalkers, for example.
This section only relevant for pistol shooters who want to transfer between Pistol Clubs.
You will be advised in writing following the range introduction whether your membership has been accepted.