The Fiordland Firearms Club has over 180 members with varying and diverse interests in the shooting sports, collecting of firearms and memorabilia, and reloading.

20 of our members are pistol shooters, we have a couple that shoot black powder rifles, some .22 rifle shooters, but the majority of our members just need somewhere safe to work up some handloads or zero their rifle before heading out hunting. A good proportion of us reload our own ammunition.

Our three ranges are located on Lynwood Road. Take the first left after the Whitestone River bridge, seven minutes from Te Anau towards Mossburn. The ranges are available for members to use 7 days a week, during daylight hours only.

Subs are $60 per year. Our financial year ends 30th June so if you join part way through the year subs are calculated at $5 per month (or part thereof) remaining through to 30th June.

Membership is perpetual unless you resign. You will be invoiced automatically each July when subs fall due at the Annual General Meeting.

We hold varying shoots throughout the year and these are notified to members via email and text message.

If you would like to join the club please fill out the membership application here.