Bergara B-14 HMR Rifle

Interest in long range rifle shooting is growing year on year. The Ruger Precision Rifle was one of the first affordable factory rifles you could slap a decent scope on and with match grade factory or handloaded ammo reasonably expect to get great results with.

If you’d like something that shoots as well as the Ruger Precision Rifle and other factory long range precision rigs, but is light enough to take out on the odd hunt, the Bergara B-14 HMR (not to be confused with the .17 HMR cartridge) might be worth a look.

The attractive stock is adjustable and has an internal aluminium chassis running the entire length of the stock, to which the barreled action is bolted.

It is factory drilled and tapped to fit Remington 700 style rings and bases, and is currently readily available in 6.5 Creedmoor (1 in 8 twist) and .308 Winchester (1 in 10 twist), with .300 Win Mag (1 in 10 twist) and 22-250 Rem (1 in 9 twist) having been added to the range and hopefully landing in NZ later this year.

Priced around NZ$1700 at the last check it makes a compelling value proposition.

Greg at Custom Guns in Invercargill stocks Bergara rifles, or you might enquire at Fiordland Frontier Supplies in Te Anau.

Pistol Shoot 22nd July / Long range shoots August & October

As the Gun Boot Sale and Gun Show falls on the day we would normally hold a pistol shoot, the pistol shoot has been postponed to Sunday 22nd July at 1pm.

In August we will be holding a Long Range shoot to give you a chance to get your rig dialled in for the main event. Date to be advised closer to the time.

The main event being the Mark Salmons Memorial Shoot. Fiordland Firearms Club vs Deerstalkers, which we’re planning to hold in October. More info to follow closer to the time.

FFC 2018 AGM

The Fiordland Firearms Club AGM and July general meeting will be held at 5pm on Saturday the 14th of July 2018.

This will be held at The Te Anau Club (Pop Andrew Drive) and will aim to finish around 6pm at which time those who wish to remain will have a meal and drinks (cash bar).

Subs will be due, please bring $60 for Senior member, $30 per spouse/child.

If you are a B cat holder add $65 to this:

  • plus $10 if you want hard copy bullshooter
  • plus $20 if you want IPSC affiliation
  • plus $10 if you want CAS affiliation

I will send out draft invoices now as a reminder. Feel free to pay prior to the AGM. Payment via online banking preferred.

Getting set up for club shooting

There are a number of items you should consider acquiring the first year or two of club shooting, both for on the range and at home.

After 14 years in the sport here are my go to items after careful research, acquisition and use:

On the range

  1. Quality Safety Glasses
  2. Electronic Hearing Protection that permits you to clearly hear range commands
  3. Chamber Safety Flags
  4. CED Deluxe Professional Range Bag
  5. Double Alpha Double Belt (velcro inner belt with leather overbelt)
  6. Holster that will securely hold your pistol
  7. Mag Pouches
  8. Uplula (magazine loader)

At home

  1. Good quality cleaning rods (one piece, carbon fibre or protective coated)
  2. Jags and patches of correct size for your calibre
  3. Corrosion X or Breakfree CLP
  4. Plenty of rolls of gun cloth
  5. A good brass and plastic punch set with small nylon hammer
  6. A gunsmithing screwdriver set
  7. Blue 243 Loctite
  8. Various Tekmat’s for your work bench

Recommended firearms to consider

  1. CZ SP-01 Shadow pistol
  2. Glock Competition Models 34 (9mm) or 35 (.40) pistols
  3. A high capacity 9mm or .40 cal 1911 pistol
  4. Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX or JM Pro shotgun
  5. Mossberg 590 or Remington 870 pump shotgun
  6. AR15 E-Cat rifle

There are plenty of other options, but you’re unlikely to be unhappy acquiring any of the above.

Rusa projectiles for your pistol and .223

Bill Wright at Rusa Reloading Components stocks a good range of CMJ Frontier projectiles for your pistol and .223

The .223 FMJ projectiles are around the same price as the 9mm projectiles, making it an ideal option for range ammo.

Bill is very quick at turning around orders, and delivery is free for non-rural addresses.

If you would like to contact Bill you can either email him directly at or fill out the following form and click SUBMIT.

Contact Rusa Reloading Components
Please use this mini-form to contact Bill at Rusa Reloading Components.

Squib Loads

Home Reloads

A lot of us reload our own rounds. Following a set of rules and procedures is a must for safe accident free shooting. If you haven’t got a routine that you religiously follow each time you reload, then now’s a good time to get one into place.

Here is a link that demonstrates a squib load due to insufficient powder in the case:

FFC Multi-Gun Sunday 17th June at 1pm

Setup from 11am on our Lynwood Road range if you’d like to help us setup the prop walls and targets etc. Shooting from 1pm.

Multi-Gun consists of rifle, pistol and shotgun shot on the same stage.

You don’t need all the fancy gear to be able to come out and have some fun, if all you have are sporting shotguns and rifles, bring those out. We’ll setup something suitable.

There will also be gun sharing and club ammo for sale as required.