8th Annual Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot

We will be holding the Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot on Sunday 26th February 2015, kicking off at 1pm.

Format will be as per earlier years with the Pistol Stage determining the trophy winner, followed by Rifle and Shotgun stages for fun.

Gun sharing will be available for those without suitable firearms.

Here are some photos from an earlier Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot:

  • Jack Richmond Trophy

Ruger Precision Rifle

A lot of people are using these for long range rifle shooting. There was one at last weekends shoot.

Various NZ retailers have these in .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .243 Win. NZ$2500 with 2 x 10 round mags, no optics.

The enhanced version seems to be going for around $2800.

If you are looking for one do a google search on RUGER PRECISION RIFLE SITE:NZ – that should return a few online shops that have them.

Here is a link to the Ruger website.

S&W 686 .357 Combat Magnum

The S&W 686 is a stainless steel revolver chambered in .357 Magnum and available in a number of variants including 6 and 7 shot versions and barrel lengths from 2.5 inch snubby to an 8.5 inch beast.

A good balance between muzzle velocity, accuracy and speed is the 6 inch version as shown here:

Product specs can be found on the 686 page on the S&W website

If you want to see how fast someone can shoot a S&W revolver check out Jerry Miculek shooting 12 rounds in 3 seconds including a reload.

ANZAC Shoot Sunday 24th April 2016

The club’s annual ANZAC shoot was held Sunday 24th April 2016, kicking off at 1pm.

Members brought along their WW II or earlier bolt action iron sighted military rifle and 20 rounds of ammo.

There was also a pistol stage for WW II or earlier iron sighted military pistols.

Here are some piccies from an earlier ANZAC shoot.

Results of Game Shoot 2013

Paul M took out first place with his .223 Mini-14 laying down an accurate barrage of fire which the deer targets could not withstand.

Steve R took second place, demonstrating what a .303 1943 Enfield No.4 Mk1(T) could do by putting three rounds in the neck of the 100m deer target in a smidgeon over one inch, using elbows and sling off the bench.

Mark L took third place with a neck group slightly larger than Steve’s with his .223 Remington 700.

The furthest deer target/gong was untouched until Duncan M took up his 6.5×55 Swede and smacked it with his first shot… With open sights… Legend.